Bio of Julia.

I was the oIdest of three girls my mother had. My mother was a single mom when she had me. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. My early years was spend enjoying the urban city, I went to the public and was taken around the city to enjoy the culture. I loved the city but I did travel out of the city often. I loved to read and would spend hours in a book and would take books out of the library.  My Mother  and  stepfather had to work and I was the only child for fourteen years. I liked being  alone, I  wasn’t lonely.   I  was always  around older people.

I loved going to the movies and stopping for ice cream sodas.  Unfortunately, being around older people led me to be taken advantage of by older men and I became a single mother in my teenage years. I had two boys. I had to make choices, some of them bad, to support myself and my two little boys. I got married when I was twenty-one and had another Babyboy. It was  not a good marriage and we divorced. But, I continued my education, went to college after having two more baby boys. I worked as a teacher for thirty-two years before retirement.