Giving Back

I told you why I wrote this intimate story. I told you James early life. I told you my early life. Now I will pause for my husband, my soul mate. He will speak:

“My time is over. Julia and I are not over, but that is for another story. But, my acting career is done. My struggle is over. I’m not about to go on stage. I don’t feel the anxious energy of going on the stage to remember my lines. But, there are struggling women and men trying to be actors and producers. They need a chance. We need you to support this cause. This website is not just about me and Julia, we need your help to help them. I know you will like the book and a portion of the proceeds from our crowdfunding campaign and over the cost of the book will be donated to the New York Theatre Workshop that is located at 79 E. 4th street. They cultivate the work of inspiring actors. Donate what you can afford to give. I remember that stage with wonderful memories. Now, back to Julia.”

Please help me honor the man that James was. I am paying tribute to a young man who had a dream to become an actor. I feel good to have been able to write a positive story about a young Black man of New York City, and about his lover, muse, and soul mate. Me.