Julia and Jimmy

jimmy6Hello. Would you take a few minutes to help me pay a tribute to a young man who had a dream to become an actor? He was a young black man who lived in an urban jungle, New York City. This is a positive story about this young black man and what happened to him. He didn’t join a gang. He didn’t do drugs. He never served time in jail and he didn’t make any babies he couldn’t support. He didn’t have any.


jimmy3-2He loved the theater. After he got out of the United States Army, he had to support himself. His mother had moved to Rochester, NY. His father lived in Brooklyn. But he was on his own. He worked at different jobs and always paid his rent, while he took dance and acting lessons. He was a handsome man. He was slim build with beautiful brown eyes that seem like they were knowing your soul. He was going to use his build, the way he wore his clothes, his eyes and sex appeal to become a model. His modeling jobs helped him to pay for his acting lesson and support himself.

Yes, James Turner Brown, who liked to be called Jimmy, deserves to be remembered. As you read more, you will see why I wrote a memoir of our life together. He met me, a woman thirty-two years of age with five sons, when he was twenty-three years of age. He never been married, had no children, and lived alone.

I’m Julia, James T Brown’s woman, his soul mate, his muse, and most of all, his lover. I was a short woman, about 5’4, 104 pounds, and wore a size 7 dress. I was born and raised in the urban jungle too that is called New York City. This was our home. We loved it. We had similar taste with our outlook on life. I was ten years older than Jimmy and had been married and had five sons. He became friends with my son Brad. Jimmy and Brad met on the block and at a discotheque. I was divorced from my husband and living alone with my sons. I was an assistant teacher at a day care center, which was two blocks from where I lived. I had men friends who would take me to nice places. I went to clubs, I loved to dance, nice restaurants, plays and trips.

Like Jimmy, I had family issues with my mother and father and was on my own. I had to support my children. But, it didn’t stop me from enjoying going out with friends. I had three very close friends, two from when we were kids in school.

jj I have written an amazing, romantic story, as well as a tragic one. I became Jimmy’s muse. I became his lover. Most people don’t get to experience the life we had apart and together and the spiritual bond we had that has lasted 43 years. This is a very intimate love story, sexually explicit where it needs to be. I needed to write this story about two different worlds, and what happened to two lovers and what we went through. Also, to get people to understand the two of us.

jimmy2Be ready to read a book you will not be able to put down until you have read the last page. Brace yourself for, fun, dance, wild love making, misunderstandings, and growth.

I am a self-publishing author and I would greatly appreciate your support.