Along Came a Stranger


January 28, 2016:

When I thought my chance for love was over along came a stranger to possess my heart and soul. When I thought I had felt the best passion between two people, the best was yet to come.

He was just a skinny kid/man at my door with sexy eyes. I didn’t know his body held the fire, the desire that was going to have my senses to overflow.  Was going to set my body on fire.  Was going to set a desire within me for him that would last 43 years.

I have been through tragedies.  Two sons died.  Very close friends.  I couldn’t even help take care of him when he was ill.  I couldn’t even attend his funeral.

Now, I’m keeping him alive every time I write about him.  Every time I speak to other people about him, he is alive.

Jimmy had a way of making you feel like you were the most important in the world.

His love electrified me.  It puts you in a state of need and makes it delightful to serve him who you love and adore.  Our relationship was passionate and we acted out our fantasies.  He needed his muse.  We needed our own realities that we shared with each other.

He had his temptations of his other love life.  I had my anticipation of him coming to me which was like an addiction.  He had an intellectual energy that I loved too.  He was intriguing, and he had extraordinary qualities that was so obvious to everyone around him.