Happy Birthday Jimmy: 2016 Feb 8th

Today, my love, you are 67 years old. I can’t believe that 23 year old man that I met with the sexy eyes is now 67.

You would still be so’o sexy. How do I know? Because your spirit is sexy. I celebrated your day by playing the music you liked. I could see you dancing. I could see myself dancing with you.  I tried to make it a joyful day.  Your spirit is with me and I am thankful but I miss holding on to your body.  Kissing your lips, your chin, your eyes, your sweet neck.  Oh how I remember your warm body holding me.  I could look into your sexy eyes.

Yes, I wanted this day to be a happy day.  You are still the man I love.  No other can compare to you.  Your Soulmate Julia.